Information about public, charitable and other measures that are planned to be held with the participation of the organization in the areas of its statutory activities, within the next 12 months after the date of circulation.

July 2018-June 2019

  1. July 20 Co-organization and participation in the selection of candidates for Marathon of the US Marine Corps 2018 CSKA Army
  2. July 21, co-organization and participation in the Ukrainian Athletics Championship in UBD in Lutsk
  3. August 11 - joint organization and participation in competitions in sport fishing in UBD, Kyiv region.
  4. During September - the organization and conducting of preventive medical examinations in the hospitals of Kyiv
  5. September 28 - Organization of visiting the veterans and families of the victims of the concert of the Symphony Orchestra Lords of the Sound, Pala Ukraine, Kyiv
  6. October 5 - Organization of the willing to participate in the Training Workshop for UBD from US Veterans, Kyiv
  7. October 7 - co-organization and participation in the National Marathon of Ukraine "Veterans ten", Kiev, Maidan Nezalezhnosti
  8. Participation in events dedicated to the Day of Defender of Ukraine and the Holiday of the Pokrov
  9. October-December of the on-site exhibition, veteran meetings, lectures in cooperation with NGO "Slavutni epoch of Ukraine" with pupils, students, cadets and youth, Kiev, Odessa, Italy, Slovenia.
  10. The end of October - the beginning of November - the co-organizing of the event dedicated to honoring soldiers-motorists (Motorist's Day), Kiev, Exhibition Center
  11. December - organization of congratulations of families of veterans and families of deceased heroes (gifts, attending events and concert programs) m. Kiev
  12. During March - the organization of visiting theatrical programs, together with theaters in Kiev
  13. During April - the organization of a team and training for participation in the football championship "Cup of the Unbreaked."
  14. May - co-organization and participation in the football championship "Cup of Unfamiliar", Kiev.
  15. May - co-organization and participation in the annual sailing regatta, Kiev.
  16. June - Organization of summer recreation of veterans and families of victims. Repair works and preparation of a recreation center in. Katranka Odessa region
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